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September 27, 2007 Kostas Daniilidis, University of Pennsylvania

Matching Images: Rigidity and Co-Saliency


September 21, 2007 Wojciech Matusik, Adobe Systems Inc.

From Images to Insights


March 19, 2007 Peter K. Allen, Columbia University

Modeling and Visualizing Large Scale Outdoor Scenes


February 7, 2007, Gilbert Strang, MIT

Maximum Area and Minimum Cuts with New Measures of Perimeter


October 20, 2006 Ravi Kannan, Yale University

Random Sampling in Massive Data Matrices and Tensors


October 20, 2006 Jean Ponce, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Geometry and 3D computer vision: What we (kind of) know how to do, what we don't, and why anyone should care


October 20, 2006 Herbert Edelsbrunner, Duke University

Biology and Topology


October 20, 2006 Piotr Indyk, MIT

Algorithms for Geometric Search Problems


June 16, 2006 Jiri Matas, Czech Technical University

Sub-linear Indexing for Large Scale Object Recognition


May 3, 2006 Dimitris Metaxas, Rutgers University

Hybrid Deformable Modeling Methods


April 6, 2006 Ramin Zabih, Cornell University
MRF's for MRI's: Bayesian Reconstruction of MR Images via Graph Cuts


March 31, 2006 Christopher R. Johnson, University of Utah
Biomedical Computing and Visualization

March 30, 2006 Tony Jebara, Columbia University
B-Matching for Embedding and Clustering


March 23, 2006 Polina Golland, MIT, CSAIL
Learning and Interpretation of Shape Distributions from Images


March 7, 2006 Dr. Harald Paganetti, Massachusetts General Hospital
Radiation Treatment Involving Moving Targets


November 2, 2005 Guy Godin, Visual Information Technology Group
High-Resolution 3D Imaging, Modeling and Visualization


October 11, 2005 Terrance E. Boult, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs
Improving Biometric System Privacy, Security and Accuracy


October 6, 2005 Shlomo Gortler, Harvard University
A Discrete Global Minimization Algorithm for Continuous Variational Problems


September 29, 2005 Michael C. Ferris, University of Wisconsin at Madison
Sampling Issues for Optimization in Radiotherapy


April 11-12, 2005 Jean-Claude Latombe, Stanford University
Motion Planning with Probabilistic Roadmaps, Robotics Algorithms for the Study of Protein Structure and Motion


February 16, 2005 Stephen Hsu, Sarnoff Corporation
Alignment of Continuous Video onto 3D Point Clouds


February 16, 2005 Dr. Marc Pollefeys, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Visual 3D Modeling Using Cameras and Camera Networks


December 14, 2004, Ross Whitaker, University of Utah
Maximum Likelihood Surface Estimation


October 13, 2004, Nikos Paragios, Ecole Centrale de Paris

Modeling and Subtraction of Dynamic Scenes


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