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k-Pixel interactions


Graph cuts have proven to be extremely useful in computer
vision, as they allow one to find the global optimum, or a
strong local optimum, for a variety of problems. We ask the

question: for what class of energy functions can the graph
cuts methodology be applied, when k pixels can interact at once?
The cases of k = 2 and 3 have already been treated in the
literature; we look at the general case. Many pixel interactions
are relevant in a variety of applications, including Markov Random Fields
and shape modeling.



Faculty: Daniel Freedman
Student: Matt Turek



D. Freedman and P. Drineas. Energy minimization via graph cuts: settling
what is possible. In IEEE Computer Society Conference on Computer Vision
and Pattern Recognition
(CVPR), volume 2, pages 939-946, 2005. [ pdf ] [ bib ]

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