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The Dual-Bootstrap was original developed for retinal image registration.
It has been applied to thousands of image pairs with great success,
including multimodal pairs and pairs involving substantial longitudinal
changes. The algorithm succeeded an earlier algorithm based on matching
of landmarks alone. The executable for the Generalized Dual-Bootstrap
algorithm is available. A data set containing representative and challenging
retinal image pairs is also available for download and use in experiments.


Faculty: Chuck Stewart

Current Students:
Michal Sofka

Gehua Yang

Former Students:
Charlene Tsai
Ali Can




C.V. Stewart, C.-L. Tsai and B. Roysam, The Dual-Bootstrap Iterative Closest Point algorithm with application to retinal image registration, IEEE Trans. on Medical Imaging , October 2003. [ pdf ] [ bib ]


G. Yang, C.V. Stewart, M. Sofka, and C. Tsai, "The Generalized Dual-Bootstrap
ICP algorithm with application to registering challenging image pairs", submitted
for review, IEEE Trans. on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence. [ pdf ]

Retinal Image Vessel Extraction and Registration System (RIVERS)


Generalized Dual-Bootstrap ICP Algorithm


Dual-Bootstrap ICP ppt : containing animations and examples of the Dual-Bootstrap ICP registration algorithm in the retina application. [22Mb]


Change animation ppt showing the use of precise registration in detecting longitudinal changes in a patient's retina [4.7Mb]



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